101 Reasons Why I Love Him

What can I say? I'm in love.

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Anonymous asked: Hi :) can I have your advice on something pretty please?

Of course! And I’m so sorry to everyone who unboxed me before. I haven’t really been on this summer but if you guys want to start asking again I’m all ears! Sorry again, my lovely followers.

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Anonymous asked: Hi :) so it's AP testing season and my boyfriend is stressing out with his tests. I want to give him little sweet things after each of his tests as rewards/encouragements. Do you have any ideas?

Sorry! I hope this isn’t after AP’s already. That’s such a cute idea! Food is always an awesome gift for guys. Anything bacon. Or even just letters of encouragement help a lot. Comic books. Sporting equipment. Shirts. Funny coffee mugs. If it’s not too late you could get him one big thing like a trip to an amusement park at the start of the summer and give him little clues after each test. It’s super sweet that you’re doing this for him. He’s going to love the thought more than the gifts. Good luck, have fun with it! :)

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Anonymous asked: So there's this guy that I've been on and off with for 4 years now, he's put me through hell and back but I've never loved anyone more than him. We've been broken up now for more than 4-5 months probably and he's moved on to other girls several times. Even though he's hurt me a million times I can't help myself from constantly thinking about him. I've convinced myself so well that I'm still in love with him. How can I find myself and my strength again?

It’s going to be a long process. You love this guy so you won’t just be able to wake up one day and be over him. But you’re right that finding yourself is the way to move on. I suggest making a list of everything wrong he did and re-read/add to it every time you miss him. Take a few days to pamper yourself. Do your nails. Get a new hair cut. Focus on you. And whenever you feel comfortable with it start going on dates again. It doesn’t have to be anything serious but seeing who’s out there and how well other guys treat you will help you realize what an amazing person you are. You deserve the best, hon. Don’t settle for any less. 

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Anonymous asked: Is it possible to be in love at the age of 14?

Love is possible at any age but affection and infatuation is easily mistaken for being in love at younger ages. It’s common and nothing’s wrong with it. You won’t know if it’s love for real until you mature further and look back on your own feelings.

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Anonymous asked: How do you get a guy(my boyfriend) to give me or let me wear his sweatshirt?... :) were both 13 years old

I’m consulting my best friend (male) on this one…
He says just take it. 

Or you can do what I do and not bring a coat and then say you’re cold when you’re at his house and if he’s a gentleman then he’ll give you one of his! Bam! Boyfriend’s sweatshirt! Good luck girly ;)

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Anonymous asked: what is the best way to break up with someone as to not hurt them as much?

Rip it off like a band aid. Don’t string them along, they’ll just get to over thinking and more drama will build. Show respect, tell them in person. And understand that they will be hurt a little. It is personal. But by telling them the truth and letting them know that the relationship really did mean something to you, the pain should be tolerable. I wish there was a perfect way to end a relationship but unfortunately the human heart is too fragile for that. I hope all works out and wish you luck with your future relationships.

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Anonymous asked: Please help me I need it. I had a crush on this boy and everyone told me he was a player and then he found out I liked him so he asked me out and we dated for a month and then out of no where he broke up with me and I can't get over this break up why? It been a month I cry mostly every night listening to sad music and looking at our old messages and my friends hate him but not all of them and his best friend told me he kinda likes me should I date him again? Please help me

If you want the logical advice, don’t date him again. He broke your heart after only a month the first time, the second time is likely to be worse. I know your heartache is massive and painful, but time will heal it. There is another guy out there who is worth waiting for! A guy who’s not going to hurt you. If you’re obsessing over this guy, you might feel that getting back with him is the only way to be happy again. But remember you were happy before him. I hope this helped. It’ll all work out it the end xo

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