101 Reasons Why I Love Him

What can I say? I'm in love.

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Alright, so for those who were following me back during the summer (thank you for staying with the blog!), you may remember the 20 year old Irishman I was dating from work? This is the guy I always second guess texting. Well, we broke up because we went to different Universities and lost touch a little but ended up talking again and we’ve met up a few times during breaks and such. And pretty much every time we’ve met up we’ve hooked up. Which I’m totally cool with! I know with our current situations a relationship is out of the cards and it’s nice to have fun together. But here’s where I need some help…

This past weekend I went down to his University to stay with a couple of my best friends who also go there. One of the nights we met up and head back to his place. I had a couple shots but was honestly not feeling it at all. However he had been drinking for 6 hours and was lose and carefree. On the way to his house I told him that I was officially applying to the same University because the one I attended last semester was hell  which I thought he knew but apparently he thought I wasn’t super serious last time I said it so he got really excited when he found out it was true! (For the record I am not at all following him there.) He was saying how awesome it’ll be and that we can bang every day, ect. That’s also the same thing he said at the beginning of the summer when we first started hooking up and quickly turned into trips to the zoo and movie nights… So when we got back to his place we were hooking up and he said “I lo— missed you.” I ignored it. Then later in the middle of everything he said “I love you.” Not sure what context he meant it and being taken back, I ignored it again. Then he stopped mid-action, looked me dead in the eyes, and said “Holly, I love you.” And so I said it back! I think I love him, I know I used to, but it was honestly more to appease him since he kept saying it. I do care about him and have strong feelings, but I never expected the L word at this point. So after everything he asked if he could walk me back and said we should meet up again before I leave and everything that night was normal. But the next day, when I figured he’d want to meet up again, I got no reply to my texts. (“Whats up?” “Heyy” and “Dude I wanna have higghhhhh sex” Don’t judge. I was on brownies.) Beginning of the school year he ignored my texts so I know it’s a tactic he takes when he’s just not in the mood to talk. But I’m worried he’s freaked out that I said it back. His “profession of love” may have just been a drunken slip due to sexual excitement but I was sober. But I feel like if I text him about it he just won’t reply and it’ll make things more awkward. But if I don’t text him A. I won’t know if he meant it and B. I won’t be able to explain that it wasn’t as serious of a statement from me as he may believe. 

So yeah. That’s my current situation. I was thinking about maybe texting him concerning a random subject like a movie that we both wannna see that just came out or his trip to the world cup. But still, I don’t know if that’ll solve anything. Soooo… advice? Anything?

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Anonymous asked: So there's this guy and it's like we are perfect for each other, we both feel the same way but we actually run out of things to talk about.. Is that weird? Does it mean we probably aren't perfect? how can I make more conversation? I feel like this is such a stupid issue, can you help?

It doesn’t make you guys not perfect at all! It’s totally normal to not have things to talk about. Further into a relationship you don’t have to constantly be talking. Think about your parents (or any adults you know who are happily married), they don’t text constantly. They catch up on their days when they get home at night. If you want to talk and don’t know what to say, try bringing up crazy “what if” situations or “would you rather.” They can seem childish but they can really spark up interesting conversations that you wouldn’t have normally. Just don’t over think it. If something cool happens in your day, tell him! If you have nothing to say, it’s okay not to say anything. It’s not a stupid issue at all! It’s very common. Just remember that it says nothing bad about your relationship! You two can still be perfect together :) Hope this helped! xx

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Anonymous asked: will you tell him and they do you love them and he say why what would you say that

I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure what you mean by this… Is it connected to a previous message?

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blessed-but-still-depressed asked: So I've had this guy that I have had an on and off relationship with since mid elementary school and now we are in high school and I still have feelings for him. We were really serious for a while but we weren't in an official relationship and I see him all the time now and I don't know what to do because we stopped talking when he got into a relationship (it ended). I really want to get back to what it was because he is my rock, and I think I love him... I don't know what to do anymore.

Just be upfront! You guys clearly have a very strong bond. Just say “hey, let’s go to [insert local food place] this weekend!” Or anything to start catching up. That’ll lead to you guys talking again and everything will start to roll from there. Don’t be afraid to make the first move to getting things back to how they were. Eventually, once you guys are a little more serious, you can tell him how you feel. Maybe he’s been feeling the same! And talk to him about making it official. If you don’t it’ll be hard for you two to stay on the same page. But take things one step at a time. Remember that he has some soft spot with you. Just make a move. Best of luck! You can do this!

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Anonymous asked: Ok so this is from the girl who found the boy but cannot tell him her real age & he has a girlfriend. So we were talking , but he was being quite dry but then he asked me for a pic ..... Which i refused. Tbh now i have started doubting if he acc does like me? Or if he is just using me for my body. Urgent help please x

That is a major red flag and it’s a good thing you noticed it. I’m not saying any guy who wants pics is just in it for physical reasons. Relationships have multiple sides. But if he’s not leaving his girlfriend and is doing that, he’s showing nothing but physical desire. I hope you know you deserve better. HE should know you deserve better, too. If you can, you might want to just walk away. You’re a strong girl and don’t need a man messing with you. However, if you’re not ready to just walk away just yet, at least confront him on his actions. Hold your head high and trust your gut. Best of luck! xo

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Anonymous asked: Ok so i met this guy - hes pretty amazing! We know each other quite a long time . We both like/love each other. We recently both became aware of our feelings. He treats me like a princess , and we seem perfect for each other. But i have kept secrets from him due to issues; i told him im 3 years younger than him instead of 5. But the major thing is ; he has a girlfriend. But he has openly admitted that he wants to be with me ? What should i do ? Urgent help please x

If you guys are this close, you’re gonna have to call him out on it. He needs to either break up with his girlfriend or stop messing with your head. If he said he wants to be with you, then he should. No one is stopping him. (I mean besides his girlfriend who he should breakup with if he wants to be with you.) Of course you shouldn’t tell him to break up with her, but let him know that it hurts you that he says these things to you but is still with her. Make sure he knows that you know you deserve better than being “the other woman.” 

Also, you need to be honest with him. I know it’ll be hard but if you guys do form some type of a relationship, you need to be honest with him. If he views you as an equal to him, finding out about 2 extra years shouldn’t change his view of you. Besides, the older you get, the smaller 5 years seems. I hope this helped! Remember, you deserve for him to give you his whole heart or find someone else who will. Best of luck xx

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Anonymous asked: I sent you an answer but u never replied :(

Sorry!! I don’t have any unanswered messages in my inbox. I think it might be acting up! I’m so sorry. If you want to send it again I’ll get to it ASAP! And you (or anyone who’s sending me messages) can feel free to send it a couple times to make sure it goes through. Sorry again about the glitch.

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Anonymous asked: I'm literally in love with my best friend he is perfect and for a long time I thought he liked me but I don't know anymore and then he started going out with my best friend and I almost lost it and I'm still in love with him and it kills me everyday for her to talk about him to me and for him to talk about how great she is because honestly I think he is the one for me I just don't know what to do

The way I see it there are two ways you can handle it.
A) Tell one or both of them. If they’re your best friends, they’ll understand. They probably won’t break up, but they’ll at least stop talking about each other to you so much. Things might get awkward but at least it’ll ease you on some of the pain.
B) Be happy for them. They’re your best friends! I know it hurts and he seems perfect for you (and might be) but this guy you love is happy! And your other best friend is happy! Maybe one day you’ll get to be with him. But wouldn’t you rather that be after the two of them have run their course and figure out for themselves that they aren’t right for each other? Even if he has some lingering feelings for you, you don’t want to put your best friend in your position, do you? I know it sucks and I know it’s gonna be hard. But in the end, if he’s who you’re supposed to be with, it’ll work out. Don’t ruin a friendship over a boy. Relationships end waaayyyy more often than friendships.
Whatever you chose to do remember not to feel guilty about your feelings. Keep your chin up. It’s all going to work out eventually. Best of luck!