101 Reasons Why I Love Him

What can I say? I'm in love.

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Anonymous asked: Hey I'm 16 and I have a boyfriend I love him but the problem is I only see him at school and my friends don't like him and I don't know what to do.I need your advice thanks

If your friends don’t like him that’s a huge red flag because either they see something you don’t or they’re not being good friends. High school relationships can be really confusing because you’re still young but serious feelings can still form. Why do you only see him at school? If it’s because he hasn’t asked you on a date then go up to him tomorrow and ask to go to a movie friday together. If it’s because you’re not allowed to date yet, go in a group and you guys can break off and spend more time together.

You can’t get a kid tested for ADHD until he/she has gone to some sort of preschool because doctors need to know how the kid acts in different settings to understand how they truly are. Same goes for partners. He may be one way in school but honestly if you’ve never hung out with him outside of school one-on-one, you probably don’t know him that well yet. Get to know him. Ask him to ice cream or something! If there’s no personal interactions there’s no relationship.

Best of luck, hon.

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Anonymous asked: (continued) he didn't even tell me that he wanted to break up with me. I had to break up with him after a week of him ignoring me. He walked away from the phone whenever I wanted to talk. His friend had to put the phone up to his ear, so I can tell him it's over and he didn't even say anything to me after. I found out that he found another girl a couple days after and they already said "I love you" to each other and I'm hurting really bad. I'm talking to someone, but it hurts... Help me? ):

I’m sorry for your pain, hun. ): For reasons unknown, people can really be cruel sometimes. What really sucks is that there’s no perfect fix. Even if you start to realize how much better you are without him in your life (because you 100% deserve someone who treats you better), everyone has moments when you “relapse” and miss the person again. But I promise time will help. I’m glad to hear you’re talking to someone else. Even if you’re not super head-over-heels about this new person, it shows that you know you have worth beyond the previous guy and have the strength to continue to see who’s out there. When you think of the other guy, try to remind yourself these few things:
-You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t respect you. (at least I hope not)
-You are worth your perfect mate. No one is perfect but someone out there is perfect for you. So don’t settle for someone not right for you.
-It’s okay to be sad. Even when you start to move on, you’re going to miss him. You’re going to be sad. Cry. Stuff your face with chocolate. Be sad when you need to be so you can be happy when you want to be.

I hope this helped. Best of luck with your future whether you’re with someone or rocking the single life! It’s your life to enjoy. 

Hope this helped.

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Anonymous asked: Me and this guy were together for 4 years (on and off) and it's a long distance relationship. I recently went to see him in July and everything was perfect during our mini vacation. I put everything on the line for him. I lied to my dad and said that I'm staying with my friends in Florida and I knew this was the only time to see him, so I took it because I love him. I thought we would be fine after this, but he stopped talking 5 days after I left and then found another girl...

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm 15 and I really like this boy but I don't even no if he likes me, I have never really spoken to him and I don't no what to do?

This is a super common situation that most people go through, so you’re not alone. The important thing is to not over think things. What’s the worst that could happen? He doesn’t like you back. And even if that’s true, you’ll still live. But you won’t know until you talk to him. Someone not liking you back isn’t as huge and humiliating as movies make it out to be. If you like him, it’s because some part of him reminds you of you or matches you or something so it’s more likely than not going to be the same vise versa. As hard as it is, you’re going to just have to go put yourself out there. Say “hey” and strike up a congo. Ask him to hang sometime (grab food, see a movie, go to a game or concert, ect.). Don’t make yourself think it’s a bigger deal than it is. Don’t be afraid of rejection because if he says no then he’s not the one for you but if he says yes then a world of opportunities opens up to you! But he can’t answer anything if you don’t talk to him. So speak up and be confident! You’re a wonderful person! Good luck :)

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itsanastronautthing asked: I like a man that's 10 y. older than me. We talked a lot&now I'm afraid that I'm not going to see him anymore bc I'm on a new floor(hospital).He told me about his gf,but told me personal stuff too.I want to stay in touch without being so obvious.help

It’s totally normal for a friend moving a distance away (or to a new floor) to ask for a number to keep in touch. However, because he has a girlfriend I caution you to not get too attached. This seems like a major time in your life so the people you meet will be extra special to you. Try not to get overly attached if it will end up with you getting hurt. Keep contact simple so you don’t get overly connected. Best of luck. Hope this helped.

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Anonymous asked: my ex boyfriend and I broke up about 2 weeks ago and when I was in the ruins when we broke up, my guy best friend made me feel so much better and I started liking him and it turns out that he likes me too. my best guy friend said he was gonna ask me out soon. but the problem is that my best friend and my ex are really close friends and I feel like I'm responsible to ask for my ex's permission to let us go out I mean he has to know from us before he finds out himself right ?

He broke up with you, nothing is your responsibility. Your best friend should probably tell him because of bro-code, but if he broke up with you then you’re free to do what you wish and like who you like. Don’t let an ex from the past control your future. Best of luck with the new guy!

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Anonymous asked: Hi :) can I have your advice on something pretty please?

Of course! And I’m so sorry to everyone who unboxed me before. I haven’t really been on this summer but if you guys want to start asking again I’m all ears! Sorry again, my lovely followers.